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Adam Hansen – Do You Want To Believe In Yourself?

I’ve always wanted to play for people, to entertain them, to make them smile, make them laugh, make them sing, tuck their thighs even. Just to make other people feel good makes me feel good but when I was too scared to actually get up in front of people and perform then it was never going to happen. So, now I’m realising the silly things that went on in my head are just that silly things. I am able to do what I want to do and yeah that’s feels great!

It was a huge weight off myself, off my chest. It felt life breathing me life. It was like a massive weight off myself, the realisation that the things inside my head was so easy to deal with, so easy to just change. It is as simple as just making a choice. I’ve definitely started thinking in a total different way. It’s put me at peace with myself because I struggled to love myself. I really did. How am I really going to any one else if I can’t love myself first? Sometimes somethings right there, right in front of your eyes and for some reason you put a blindfold on you and you can’t see it and you just need someone to open your eyes to that, someone to just put you in the right direction and that’s what I found. My life I believe has taken a turn for the best and there’s no looking back. I don’t think.
Just for me having the confidence to play my music for the people is the gift that makes me feel so good about myself and that something I can do forever now.

Being able to help someone who’s sad, upset and down, I think is one of the greatest gifts that I could give. For me, to help someone it is a process. I don’t know the words to describe how good it makes me to be able to do that. It might help them realise that there are other people out there who understand where they are and want to help them as well. Understanding that they aren’t the only one.

Nothing in this world is that bad that you gotta be so down on yourself and so upset, so sad and that inspired me to write that song. Hoping to raise awareness for people and maybe even help some people.

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