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Dougie Misipeka – Is Your Relationship Not Working?

Our relationship was in a mess, we weren’t talking, Absolutely were not talking. I became a grumpy person, really difficult person to handle. I remem- ber the time when I pushed my whole family away from me. I actually went into my sort of cave, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. The pressures in my life were pretty tough for me. When you’re alone, there’s no way anyone could help you. I wanted to, I want to share to, be sincere to me, I want to be comforted but it wasn’t there. I re- tracted to my own world.

I used to feel selfish, I used to reject people, reject people around me, and my family, I pushed them away, trying to give a grasp of what I was going through and what was I was experiencing. After that, after I understood going through my expe- riences not only one breakthrough but many, I realized that I just can’t let people that so close to me, all go away from from me. I could only express how they would look from my position as at they are lot happier than I was before, I was really a ter- rible person, I was really direct, I was really abrupt, it wasn’t that person that my children grow up.

After my breakthrough, you know when a person get so happy, and when a person, how would I say this, it’s like when you, when someone gives you a gift for your birthday, it’s wrapped up in a box, it’s got a ribbon on it, it’s a red ribbon, the box is gold but when you open it, and you found a treasure on it, you can’t explain, it’s unspeakable joy that’s just so close to you. But tell you, I’m grateful that I go through breakthrough, to realize at my short- comings.

I can share my feelings more now than I ever did before. Now I feel perfect. When things look stressful I’m not stressed. I can take control of my life.

Well, I went home after my breakthrough that day. I drove back to home and I woke my wife up. I said “Shaz, Shaz, I’ve learned something. I’ve learned how to listen to you.” I learned how much she means to me as I’ve never experienced that before.

“I can share my feelings more now than I ever did before. Now I feel perfect. When things look stressful I’m not stressed. I can take control of my life.”

Guys, do you understand that there is a certain school for listening and when you listen, especially to someone that you love, it makes the biggest difference? I learned this skill now use it every day so I can relate better to my wife. Do you want to hear it? Okay now, this is for the guys only…The idea is that when you listen, you grab your partner, you sit them down. Then you’ll say to them “How’s your day been, darling? What have you been up to?”

And then what the guys need to do, is shut up. Zip your mouths, open your ears, and eyes front. Your eyes need to be on your partner’s eyes. You cannot take your eyes off your partner because you love her so much. Do not take your eyes off to your partner. And your partner will speak to you about what happened during the day. Then here’s the trick, now remember this guys… As your partner, your wife, your girlfriend is speaking to you, telling you her story of the day, she’ll say this, “What do you think darling?” Oooh, here’s the trick, don’t say anything. Guys, do not say anything because she does not want you tell her some- thing. What you should say is, “No dear, what else dear.” The idea is that, women, they don’t want us to talk, they only want us to listen. And when you listen, guys, it makes the biggest difference. So now I listen…all the time.

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